Why you should Avoid Using Tanning Tablets with Beta-Carotene

There are so many products on the market today that claim to be the best when it comes to acquiring a perfect, super sexy summer tan.  Many sun tanning lotions, oils and spray profess to be the perfect tools needed to achieve your long awaited summer tan.  Claiming to provide users with an effective way of achieving your sun tan while combatting the rays of the sun, makes each of these products quite appealing to many people.

Various Sources for Sun Tanning


Of course, one of the most popular and most common resources used for achieving those summer tans is the simple act of sunbathing outdoors in the direct sunlight.  Medical studies have proven to us that this is not safe or healthy for our bodies and absolutely has far more risks than benefits.  Then there are those ever-popular sun tanning beds.  Many times billed as more deadly than the direct sunlight itself, people of all ages still find their way to their favorite salon to spend endless hours tanning their body in their efforts to simply look good.

Yet another popular way of acquiring a suntan is that of using sun tanning lamps.  These lamps, much like sun tanning beds, have proven to be remarkably dangerous and do the human body more bad than good.  Still another resource for having that just tanned look are the questionable ‘indoor spray tans’ that have become more and more popular over recent years, despite the negative findings on the varied brands of spray tans.  Finally, many people nowadays who are health conscious and give value to the informative research on the harmful effects of sun tanning, choose to use sun tanning tablets in their efforts to get that perfect tan.

Rio Sun Tanning Tablets

suntan-pillsSun tanning tablets, more often than not, are made up of all natural ingredients.  However, there are some that contain harmful ingredients that have definite noticeable effects on the body.  Some of the many sun tanning tablets available on the market today contain Beta-Carotene, which is an ingredient, not natural, that can actually turn your skin a brash orange color that looks so fake and unnatural.  People still tend to use these tablets, however, since they feel that any tan is better than no tan at all and they simply do not want to rely on any other tanning resources because of their many risk factors. So simply put, these tablets with Beta-Carotene are the lesser of all evils.

Rio Sun Tanning Tablets, however, contain completely all natural ingredients and no Beta-Carotene which is why they have fast become the most sought after sun tanning tablets on the market today.  These highly effective, all natural tablets are a quick and easy way of achieving that tan you have always wanted without having to encounter the many side effects and dangers.  It is reassuring to know that when using Rio Sun Tanning Tablets your skin will have a natural tanned look, not an orange fake afterglow, and you need not be worried about deadly side effects or risks.

People today seem to be turning more and more to Rio Sun Tanning Tablets for all their sun tanning needs, regardless of what time of year it may be.  The nice thing about these tablets is that they are all natural, present with no real risks or side effects, do not cause any fake orange glow to the skin, and can be taken any time of year with the same results.

If you are looking for a perfect way of achieving your summer sun tan, then think about using this amazing new product and enjoy the confidence you need to know that not only do you have yourself a sexy, noticeable tan but that you also acquired it without any worry of side effects or high risks.  Start your summer tanning journey today with the all new and amazing Rio Sunless Tanning Tablets.