Dianabol – The breakfast of Champions

Dianabol, often referred to as Dbol is an oral steroid which provides users with substantial gains within very short periods. It is certainly one of the most common steroids used by bodybuilders, especially the die-hards. Diabanol differs from other steroids in that it is mainly an oral product. It offers a powerful alternative for users who do not favour injections because of anxiety or inconvenience.


Dianabol (Metandienone or Methandrostenolone, C20H28O2) Profile

Dianabol is extremely anabolic and mildly androgenic, meaning it has a great effect on protein metabolism. Dbol is a favourite when it comes to bulking up since it increases the synthesis of protein chains and enables proteins to accumulate in and around the tissues. It is actually true that some of the gains result from water weight; but on the other hand, Dianabol steroid also adds pure muscle mass without much fat.

Dianabol usually enjoys positive reviews, with even veteran users turning to it frequently owing to its incredible energy boosting and muscle-building properties. Even though there are certain side effects associated with the use of this steroid, most of them can be mitigated with the proper supplements coupled with a healthy diet. Since Dbol is very potent, it should be cycled in an oral form by only intermediate to advanced anabolic steroid users.

Dianabol Side Effects

Dianabol tabletsDianabol’s side effects differ a great deal. They are mainly dependent on the user’s tolerance, dosage, and stack options. But generally, healthy and fit males tend to tolerate Dianabol fairly well. The two side effects that are most commonly experienced by men come from Dianabol’s high estrogen conversion rate. Nearly all Dbol users report experiencing some bloating and discomfort, with some men developing gynecomastia (female breast tissue). However, these side effects can be avoided by incorporating an aromatase inhibitor into a Dbol cycle. Besides, bloating tends to increase blood pressure because of the excess fluid in the body. Fortunately, there are several diuretics that can be bought over the counter and used to combat this.

Dianabol is always highly hepatotoxic. This is why males with disorders which affect their liver, kidneys, or bladder are strongly advised against using it. As a matter of fact, there is no way that liver damage can be avoided with this steroid, even though male users are encouraged to keep off alcohol as well as acetaminophen two weeks earlier, during, and four weeks following their cycles. Alcohol and acetaminophen increase the rate of potentially irreversible liver damage. Users are advised to take liver protection supplements and also drink a lot of water.

Other Dianabol common side effects include headaches, stomach upset and sleeplessness, but they tend to go away on their own over time.  However, in case any of them become irritating or persist after the first week of treatment, it is an indication that the user’s body may not have the ability to withstand Dbol well.  A user can try taking diphenhydramine in case of sleeplessness, and take Dbol along with food if it triggers stomach upset.

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