Having brute strength is certainly always on top of things any powerlifter wants to achieve. Unfortunately, more often than not, the patience is always lacking. People want to be gigantic, packing bulky muscle, and they want it all now.

While this is impossible and impractical in every possible way, there are tested and proven methods that a beginning powerlifter can employ to get there faster. It, however, needs lots of dedication, discipline, perseverance, positive attitude, and most of all, a learning spirit. If you are a beginning powerlifter and building up strength in the shortest possible time is top on your list, you have come to the right place.

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What you need to know

There are a number of facts that you need to be aware of. This is especially important to you as a beginner because they will help you form a perspective on what is important and why it is important.

1. Getting better in the core lifts – squat, bench press and deadlift – has a trickle-down effect to any other exercise you can do. Therefore start light and build up slowly.

2. Training should be done 3 – 4 days a week. This is to allow your body time to relax and repair itself. Each workout should also be centered around one of the core lifts.

3. Complement your workouts with assistance exercises like chin ups, lunges, back extensions, and dips. This will go a long way in preventing injury while creating a better-balanced build.

4. Powerlifting is about challenging you both mentally and physically by pushing your limits safely. Setting new personal bests will not only give you the motivation and satisfaction but will, in the long run, guarantee that you build up your strength as fast as possible.

5. Powerlifting is an intense exercise and, therefore, burns a lot of fuel. As such, you need a proper diet plan that is relevant to your personal goals. Gobbling down slices of pizza just because you are doing intense exercise is a totally wrong approach.

What will get you there?

Now that you know the important things, it is time to learn what to do to get you the strength you want in as short a time as possible. These techniques are not set on stone. You can adjust them to better suit you. But it is important that you follow them keenly and use them as a guide. Going way over the limits advised will not get you there faster, it will, in fact, be an impediment to your progress.

Basic multi-joint lifts: They include bench presses, deadlift, standing presses, and parallel squats. They are perfect because they work just about any joint in your body and also all related muscle used in moving the joints. You should, therefore, work at getting better in them because they have a carryover effect on any other exercise you will need to do.

Start light: No matter what you want to do in life, to be successful, you will always need to start small. This is exactly the case here. Starting with a lighter bar will allow for more room for improvement. Beginning with heavy weights will only tire and damage your muscle and instead of increasing mass, they will be trying to repair the damage caused. You also stand a much higher risk of injury because you are still not in the proper form of handling heavy weights.

Aim at slow progress: While the objective is to gain massive strength in as little time as possible, aiming to add 50 pounds to you bench presses in four weeks is impractical. Patience will be a very important virtue here as you will need to keep yourself in check to avoid sabotaging your own progress. Adding 5 – 10 pounds to your lifts every week is a much more practical target and will get you there sooner than you think.

Break personal records: while it could help to compete with your peers, setting your targets based on their achievements is a sure way to failure. A better approach is to concentrate on bettering your own performance by beating your own records first. This will have a huge impact on your attitude and self-esteem. You will always thirst to perform better.