The utmost objective in powerlifting is to lift as much weight as possible in three lifting categories: the bench presses, squat and deadlift. To achieve this, powerlifters need vigorous training exercises aimed at increasing their power output. While the training incorporates the three major lifts, other exercises are also included to muscles used in the lifts such as band thigh abduction.

To gain the desired muscle build is hard work. Many powerlifters have therefore opted to go the supplementation way. This is because supplementing with steroids considerably increases the athletes build and strength in a much shorter time than it would take a natural bodybuilder who does not supplement. Therefore, the answer for the question whether the top powerlifters are natural would be a resounding no.

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Energy requirements

Powerlifters exercise three to four times a week with a one-day break between workout days. The duration for each workout also varies but lies well between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours depending on the exercise being done. To increase the longevity of any lifter, training with sub-maximal loads is also recommended.

To power this lifestyle, powerlifters need to consume high-calorie diets. They also eat lots of proteins which are essential for repair of body tissues, especially the muscles and central nervous system which are under constant stress. They, therefore, are however not known to watch their diets as is bodybuilders do.

However, even with the high-calorie diets, it would be false to assume that they would naturally achieve higher gains. This is because the use up a lot of fuel during training. It, therefore, becomes necessary to supplement without which, it would take years to acquire any significant gains.

Supplementation used

Rapid strength gains seen in professional powerlifters can, therefore, be attributed to the use of steroids. This is also proof that are in the very heart of powerlifting. Some of the most widely used supplements among powerlifters include protein mixes, creatine, glucosamine and chondroitin. Protein mixes ensure that the athletes get all required proteins required. Creatine is the most widely used steroid by powerlifters and bodybuilders alike.

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It is such a favorite because it provides the best results compared to other steroids. Glucosamine and chondroitin are also loved because of their properties that improve joint stability and cartilage lubrication. Though not very effective for powerbuilders, Anavar UK is sometimes used to complement other steroid cycles because it has better properties at retaining gained mass even after off-cycling.

Powerlifting minus steroids and supplements

It is estimated that if the use of steroids and supplements was to be completely prohibited from competitive powerlifting, the performance of athletes would drop by a whopping 40%. This would be a disaster for the sport.

This does not however mean that powerlifters are overly dependent on steroids to better performance, it means that use of steroids has played a big part in making the sport more interesting and has also helped athletes who would have otherwise never have stood a chance, to compete in meets. For this reason, we cannot neglect the positive impact supplementing has had on the sport.