Does Dianabol have any side effects?

Dianabol (Dbol) is the most popular and widely used synthetic steroid today with a powerful anabolic androgenic steroid.

Its activity is slightly greater although it’s rating in androgenic is not that high. The Duties performed by Dbol are through androgen receptors where it increases glycogenolysis and protein synthesis.

It performs better compared to many other steroids and at a faster rate. Like all anabolic steroids side effects, Dianabol side effects depend on several factors.

Dianabol side effects explained

Testosterone suppression

Testosterone production is suppressed by supplementing the body with a Dianabol. You can suffer in numerous ways when levels of testosterone fall and remain low for a long period of time.

Those affected by this condition should supplement their body with exogenous testosterone. In addition, testosterone suppression leads to testicles atrophy (loss of their fullness and normal size) and decreased sperm production.

The good news is that the testicles can regain their normal size and fullness once you discontinue using this steroid.


This is male breast enlargement due to hormone aromatizing. Gynecomastia can be avoided by having the glands removed from the pecs. Aromatase which is an inhibitor is also used in some cases.

Bloat (Excess water retention)

Those who supplement with this steroid do so when bulking and when they bloat they point to aromatase inhibitor as the culprit. This side effect is easily controlled since one can eat fewer carbohydrates. If it becomes a problem, then you need to examine other avenues.

man showing his water retention from steroid use

High blood pressure

This steroid should be avoided if one is predisposed to high blood pressure condition. However, those who have healthy blood pressure, and do not overdose are generally fine.

Inefficient cholesterol

Just like high blood pressure, the current condition and predisposition of an individual will play a huge role. A diet rich in fats such as Omega Fatty Acid is mostly recommended. Many Dbol users who have dealt with this side effect often see their cholesterol level improvement when omegas are added.

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