Four Great Reasons To Use Tanning Tablets

If you love looking bronzed but want to avoid the harmful effects of UV rays, there’s lots of other ways to get a tan.

Tanning tablets are rapidly growing in popularity because of their ability to produce a natural looking tan which really lasts.

You can use tanning tablets all year around without any harmful effects. However, there are certain times when you might particularly want to look tanned, or when the tanning tablets could be particularly beneficial.

Here’s a look at some of the situations where tanning tablets could provide the perfect solution.

Use Tanning Tablets

Before your holiday

When it’s time to break out the bikini and hit the beach, you might feel a bit coy if you’re worried about the glare from your pale white legs dazzling everyone within a five-mile radius!

Having a bit of colour before you go might not provide you with any extra protection – so do make sure you use sun cream! – but it could give you a much needed confidence boost.

Spa Tanning Tablets take 10-14 days to work so if you start a couple of weeks before your holiday, by the time you’re due to leave you’ll already have an enviable tan.

Keeping your holiday tan

Tanning TabletsIf you’ve been on holiday and your skin has developed a gorgeous glow, you’ll no doubt want to preserve your tan for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, as you’ve probably experienced in the past, tans very quickly fade when you’re back under drizzly grey skies. Don’t risk topping up your tan in potentially dangerous indoor tanning booths when you could opt for tanning tablets instead.

By taking tanning tablets, you will be stimulating the production of melanin within the body, helping your holiday colour to last much longer, naturally.

When it’s important to look your best

If you’ve got a big occasion coming up, such as a wedding, you’ll want to look your best and for many people this means having a tanned appearance.

Rather than risk damaging your skin by exposing it to UV rays, you could get a beautiful glow from tanning tablets.

Fake tan is another alternative but the results don’t always last and unless you’re an expert, it can be tricky to get a streak-free appearance. And of course, have you ever tried to apply fake tan to those hard to reach places?!

Tanning tablets work with your body to give you a gentle golden glow all over leaving no white patches, and no streaks. So whatever you choose to wear you can be certain you’ll be looking your absolute best.

Find out more about tanning tablets

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